January 2021 

5-DAY PowerUP Experience!

Hey Superstar!

Welcome 2021 a New Year with all kinds of possibilities! 

2020 was one unprecedented year! A year like no other full of all kinds of unexpected situations and events! What was it like for you?? 

Thankfully, now it's  gone - goodbye - so long - farewell....and now, let's welcome a new year with totally NEW Possibilities! A new year my  lifelong friend and biz partner and I have been very busy preparing for!   

We've been up to PowerPlays!

Yes that's right, POWERPLAYS all those crazy things that happen to us when we least expect it. You know, those icky situations that suck you in and you just can’t seem to understand how you got there in the first place?

I’m talking about…..

The conversation that you had with your friend over the election and now she isn’t talking to you, or....

The situation at work, that had nothing to do with you, but all of a sudden,  you find yourself in the thick of it and it’s SO bad that it’s sabotaging your promotion.

Or worse yet,

The family situation that is now coming into overdrive with a family reunion around the corner and expected obligations speeding your way.


We all have experienced them and some of us are in them as we speak!

So, because of this crazy unprecedented year, we got busy, so busy that we launched our business based on the last 20 years of our own personal and professional experiences along with years of formal training from our mentor and teacher Caroline Myss.

You see, we’ve been there, Marriage, Divorce, Blended Families, Raising Kids, Starting Companies, Managing People, Business Obligations, Juggling, Surviving, and Struggling.

But…we did a pivot. Our lives changed.

Are you experiencing a failed relationship?

Are you transitioning from one job to another?

Are you dealing with more stress and anger than you’ve ever had to deal with?

Are you feeling as if you are living in "groundhog" day and  you can’t seem to get out of repeating these patterns day in and day out?

Are you happy because you really love what you do? or because you tell yourself that you do?

Even though the 5 Day Power Up Experience is based on a "real life" work situation, the archetypes that we talk about, our "allies" relate to every and all aspects of your life.

What POWERPLAY are your experiencing now at work or at home? How can we help you to see it more clearly to better navigate it before it consumes you?

Join the 5 Day PowerUP Experience and find out.

This Free course is a sneak peak at what we have been busy putting together as part of our PowerUP Institute to help you.

Don’t let the next POWERPLAY rule your life – Take back the reins!!


January 23, 2021



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